Construction Services

Hosanna Industries has an expert ability to lead multiple projects at once. This is possible with the help of many volunteers and  donors.

New Construction

Hosanna Industries constructs new homes in one week’s time for qualifying households. These “Blitz Builds” are made possible with donated and discounted materials, volunteer labor, and donated goods. Throughout the week, staff and volunteers frame, finish, furnish, and landscape a house in preparation for the dedication of a home.


Hosanna Industries’ daily work involves rehabilitating existing homes. Through the help of donations, volunteers and a capable staff of mission workers, Hosanna Industries is able to provide such services as roof repair, siding repair, window replacement and handicapped accessibility features, to mention a few.

Disaster Relief

Hosanna Industries travels to areas of disaster to build and repair homes damaged by tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, or other catastrophic events to bring hope and restoration to hurting individuals and communities. At Hosanna Industries, we believe that the smallest act of kindness can be the difference in someone’s life.

If you are in need of home repairs, a new home, or want to be part of our programs, please contact Hosanna Industries to see how we can help.