Construction Services

New Construction

Hosanna Industries constructs new homes in one week’s time for qualifying households. These “Blitz Builds” are made possible with volunteer labor, donated and discounted materials and goods, and a uniquely organized building method which compresses the average length of home construction into one week. Upon moving into their home, a family now owns a home worth many times the face amount of the mortgage. The community is improved with an attractive replacement to substandard structures and with the knowledge that positive change is really possible today.



Hosanna Industries’ daily work involves rehabilitating existing homes. Through the help of donations, volunteers and a capable staff of mission workers, Hosanna Industries is able to provide such services as roof repair, siding repair, window replacement and handicapped accessibility features, to mention a few. Qualifying low and very low-income families often find they need our services to keep their homes habitable and to maintain residency. These services are normally provided at no cost to the homeowner so they may use monthly income for other necessities such as food and clothing. No matter what type of project Hosanna Industries undertakes, we attempt to help uplift community spirit and awareness for both the client and the surrounding neighborhood.

Disaster Relief

Hosanna travels to areas of disaster to help with the mobilizing of large groups of volunteers to build and repair homes damaged by tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, or other catastrophic events to bring hope and restoration to hurting individuals and communities.

We’ve done work after the following disasters:

  • Hurricane Andrew (three times)
  • Hurricane Floyd
  • Hurricane Ivan
  • Hurricane Katrina (twice)
  • church burnings in Arkansas
  • flooding in Missouri
  • earthquake in Haiti
  • tornado in Joplin, Missouri
  • tornado in West Liberty, Kentucky
  • flooding in West Virginia

If your community has recently suffered from a natural disaster, please contact Hosanna Industries to see how we can be helpful with rebuilding efforts. Hosanna Industries has an expert ability to lead multiple projects at once with many volunteers. The impact per dollar is greater when volunteers are able to be effective and efficient under skilled leadership.