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Volunteer FAQ’s

26 April

Volunteer FAQ’s

Q. When do you need our Forms & Monies?
A. One month prior to your scheduled workday. For Summer groups (June, July, August) all forms and monies need to be in by the first week of May. Keep in mind sending in your forms and monies is the only way to confirm your spot on the calendar.

Q. Does our group really need to wear work boots?
A. Yes.

Q.What will we be doing?
A. Serving The Lord via Hosanna Industries. Your group leader will be informed of the job and its location as soon as we have those details. Keep in mind:

  1. We cannot decide on a job until we know how many volunteers are coming out and their capacity. A job for ten 11 year olds is going to be different from a job for 40 20+ year olds.
  2. Things change!

Q. How long are the work days?
A.The day ends when the job is finished or when it is at a safe place to wrap up for the day. Hours vary. We might be done at 2:30 one day and 7 the next.

Q.What are the dorms like?
A. Awesome, and yes there is a kitchen with everything you’ll need to prepare meals for your group (except the food, you bring that)

Q. Do we have to bring food with us or are there stores nearby?
A. There are all sorts of stores about 10 minutes away. i.e. Giant Eagle, Super Walmart.

Q. If our group is only coming for one day and not sleeping in the dorms do we still need to follow all the rules, like wearing work boots?
A. Yes.

Q. Should we bring our own tools?
A. Hosanna provides all tools necessary. If you do bring your own hand tools be sure to mark them as your own.

Q. How old do you have to be to volunteer?
A. Everyone is welcome to volunteer at Hosanna Industries. Keep in mind with young children that they should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Job sites can be a dangerous place for young children if they are not being closely attended to.

Q. What kind of program is available for the youth after the workday?
A. That is up to the group leaders. Once the trucks are unpacked and re-packed for the next day and all details are nailed down for the next day the Hosanna staff typically says goodnight to the mission and heads home for some rest.

All of this information is found  on our website. Please contact me with any questions you have! Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Emily Cadenhead, mission worker

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