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True Generosity is Different for Everyone

24 April

At Hosanna Industries, we encounter hundreds of people every year. Some stand out more than others and some touch us in a special indescribable way. I recently had an experience with a client that opened my heart and made me ever so grateful for the work that we do.

I met her in the winter when we went to do the initial inspection to look at the potential work to be done on her home. She was open and friendly and I didn’t think much of it. The work was completed, but she was not home upon completion so we had to return a week later for some final paperwork. It was at this visit that I learned her 9 year old son had just arrived home after a long stint in Children’s Hospital for lesions on his brain. The doctors had not yet found the cause and he was healthy enough to return home for a while. I have an 8 year old son so the story hit home hard with me. She stated how happy she was with the work we did and was very grateful. She then proceeded to grab her wallet out of her purse and say “it isn’t much, but I want to do something to help” and handed me a $10 bill. I was struck right there – I tried giving it back but then realized she needed to give back in her own small way and gave in to receive the gift for the mission. I hugged her and thanked her sincerely and we left her home.

When I told the staff the story I was overcome with emotion and cried when I got to the part of her handing me the $10 bill. I was taken back by her generosity despite her current situation. I was reminded at what true generosity means – and it’s different for all of us. She handed me all she had¬†right then and there despite her lurking and inevitable hospital bills to come.

She made me want to be more like her….which is more like Christ. I saw Him that day – it was incredible!

-Becky Hetzer, Mission Worker

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