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Top Ten Reasons People Ask for Our Help

10 September

TOP TEN Reasons People Ask for Our Help

  1. Elderly widow on little Social Security. Worries about food, medicine, utility bills. Cannot afford home repairs. Can’t sell her home in the condition it is in. Wants to stay in the home she raised her children in.
  2. Single mom. Husband left and will not pay the court ordered child support or the husband cannot be found or traced. The mother is unable to get a job that will cover bills and child care.
  3. Physical or mental disability that has left the person unable to work and the disability payments just cover food and utilities.
  4. Illness has depleted the finances.
  5. Weather related disasters and fire leave a homeowner with expensive repairs and rebuilding that homeowner’s insurance does not cover.
  6. A family with “working poor” parents who need too many home repairs at once and the meager paychecks just won’t cover them.
  7. Job loss due to company downsizing or closing.
  8. A working parent has to quit to care for a sick child.
  9. A working child has to quit for a sick, elderly parent.
  10. Handicapped accessibility throughout the home is necessary for a family member to return from rehab following an accident.

There are many reasons why my phone rings at the office of Hosanna Industries. These are ten of the most common. All who call have their own unique story of poverty. The majority of the people who call are not “milking the system” or lazy or unwilling to help themselves. Most indicate they have done everything they can to be responsible but circumstances beyond their control have altered the path of their lives. Many are embarrassed to be asking for assistance. Some let me know they have called “everywhere” and no one can or will help.

All are crying, “hosanna!”  To the supporters of Hosanna Industries, we extend a heartfelt “THANK YOU” for helping us to alleviate the suffering of so many needy households.

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Amy Ed, Mission Worker

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