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Three not-so-easy points for a person trying to Improve

23 February

We recently hosted a group of volunteers and we certainly got a whale of a lot of work accomplished for the Lord! It was also the coldest week of winter so far, and not one complaint from the youthful group. Throughout the week, the staff shared the responsibility of morning devotions with the volunteers. Many of us choose to read from the inspiring book written by Dr. Morlege, “It’s a Great Day in the Kingdom!”.

As I was commuting to work, I was inspired to choose a different mode for devotions. I presented a mini-sermon with three points. I emphasized that the points were for anyone who wanted to improve as a person and believer of the Lord. The points were inspired by things that I personally need to be reminded of, and I think that’s what made the sermon so easy! What were they?

  1. Patience
  2. Have an open mind and heart
  3. Let the Spirit lead you (hopefully into action!)

None of these points are easy, especially when trying to initiate them at the same time. But our Saviour lived these daily and so we must try to also. Thank you Perinton Presbyterian for teaching me many things last week, and I hope you learned a few new things also!
Becky Hetzer, mission worker

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