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The Rainbow

05 August

45 minutes flat. My daily commute to the mission! I love to drive always have and pretty sure at this point I always will!

A few weeks ago on my morning drive in to Hosanna I followed a rainbow in the whole way. I kept watching to see when it was going to disappear or fade but it continued the journey with me. As I was approaching the mission from Zelienople I noticed that the end of the rainbow was situated over our campus.

Never before have I experienced anything like it! I started to think about God and Noah and the covenant that God made. In a way it was a beautiful reminder that God is always with us and that His love is never ceasing!

Next time when the rain stops and the sun comes out I encourage all of you to look for that rainbow and smile and remember that no matter what storm just passed that God is always with us.

-Amy Lee Firek, mission worker

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