The Calling

Do you have an interest in helping others? Do you enjoy hard work and calloused hands? Do you want to be part of God’s miracles? If you answered “yes” to all of these questions, Hosanna Industries may be an answer for that inward calling that God is leading you to express outwardly.

Hosanna Industries is looking for mission workers who are answering God’s call to service. We have a staff of mission workers who have answered that call–some for only a year, some for several years. Each brings with them a talent which helps further the mission to do the will of God. Each mission worker is committed to showing Christ’s love for all through his/her actions.

Mission work can be the most rewarding experience you will ever have. It can also be very difficult. You will not become independently wealthy, you will work long hours and you will be frustrated as you witness poverty all around you. But you will experience the living Spirit in your life, you will find riches where others see only poverty and you will witness great miracles. All of these things come hand-in-hand. Only you and God know what the Lord has in mind for you.

As a mission worker, you will learn a trade in construction. In fact, you will learn all trades used in construction, from roofing to drywall, from toilet installation to framing repair. You will learn to minister to your colleagues, the volunteers and the clients for whom you work. You will witness things most say can’t be done. You will offer hope to neighborhoods and communities. You will be serving the Lord as He intended.

Still interested? Great. We encourage you to volunteer with us, if you haven’t already. Get to know us as we get to know you. Then pray, offer yourself to the service of the Lord and then – listen.

Mission Workers’ Commission

These are the commissioning vows made by the first mission workers of Hosanna Industries on Palm Sunday 1990. Each Palm Sunday, the staff reaffirms these vows at Morledge Chapel on Hosanna Industries’ campus.

  • I believe in one God, Creator of all things good in heaven and on earth.
  • I trust in Jesus Christ, God’s personified expression of love and redemption for this world.
  • I will accept the hurt and pain of this world as demonstrations of human suffering and believe that God wills for not one of His children to suffer.
  • I hear the hosanna cries for help in today’s world and have commitment for responding to those cries, by God’s grace, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • I will dedicate myself in every way–in mind, body, soul and spirit–toward the building of God’s kingdom by way of healing human hurts and vanquishing human suffering as a mission worker of Hosanna Industries.
  • I will serve God’s needy children gladly, praising Him with heart, life and voice; I will work on Christ’s behalf enthusiastically, skillfully and sacrificially, ever remembering that He is with me always, even to the close of the age.