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TOP TEN things you can do TODAY (Giving Tuesday) to give back

24 November

Today is Giving Tuesday, and in the spirit of giving, we came up with a TOP TEN list of ways to give back through Hosanna Industries. These are simple things you can do right now.



  1. Say a prayer or two! Pray for the people crying out, “Hosanna, rescue me now, Lord!”
  2. Donate online or mail a check.
  3. Like us on Facebook, share our pages with your friends, or rate us on Facebook.
  4. Write a review about your experience with us on Network for Good, which will help us to receive more support.
  5. Register for our metal-working class to make a handmade Christmas gift.
  6. Sign up to deliver Christmas gifts to a household that we’ve helped this year.
  7. Start collecting spare change. Every penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar, etc. makes a difference!
  8. Sign up (at the bottom of our website) for our e-blast to stay in the loop about our work.
  9. Shop like you normally would at Amazon.com (or Amazon Prime) but use Smile.Amazon.com instead, & .5% of every purchase will benefit the mission, with no extra charge to you.
  10. While you’re out running errands, grab something extra. Here’s our wish list: 

Thanks for your support & Merry Christmas!

Change Matters, January – March 2016

19 January

Can you help us? Please consider placing one of our small trucks and containers on the counter at your business, to collect spare change. We would like to place more than 30 of these trucks at various local businesses for two months for the purpose of charitable donations to Hosanna Industries. If each business collects at least $100, then we could fully fund a project for a needy household in our area.

Hosanna Industries helps people like Lillian, who had not left her house in seven months because she did not have a wheelchair ramp. Thanks to Hosanna, she was able to leave her house unassisted to go to her dialysis appointments.

Hosanna Industries helps people like Rosemaria, a single mom with a severely mentally disabled and mute 18 year old son. The young man requires constant supervision and attention. She called Hosanna because she had no kitchen whatsoever at her home. She was washing her dishes in the bathroom sink upstairs and preparing meals in the microwave. She asked if we could possibly help her, and after five hours at her home, our mission workers and volunteers had installed a brand new kitchen for her and her son.

The change in your pocket could be the change from cold to sheltered. From scared to safe. From lost to a bright future. Your change could be someone’s hope. It could be someone’s new beginning. A chance for new friendships. Your change can be home. Encourage your customers to share their spare change to help people like Lillian and Rosemaria.

Hosanna Industries is a 501c3 nonprofit, founded in 1990.

Change Matters Hosanna Industries

Contact Amanda Becker if you would like a truck at your organization, or if you have any questions.

So far, we have trucks out at the following businesses:

2015 Christmas Promotions Benefiting Hosanna Industries

15 December

Thanks to the following businesses for including Hosanna Industries in their holiday promotions! Contact Amanda Becker if your company would like to do something similar!

Tom Henry Chevrolet

With the Holiday Season upon us, Tom Henry Chevrolet is turning their attention to those in the community who put the needs of others in front of their own. They are happy to donate a portion of their December New/Pre-Owned vehicle sales to Hosanna Industries, Inc. in support of their mission to help members of their surrounding community. Contact Tom Henry Chevrolet with any questions at 724-443-1575.


Give the gift of employment by joining Express Employment Professionals’ Pay It Forward Holiday Hiring Drive as they strive to place 60 job seekers in Pittsburgh during the weeks of December 8th, 2015 through January 4th 2015. Being out of work during the holidays can be particularly tough, and Express would like to make sure as many people as possible earn a paycheck just in time for the holidays. They also want to help Pay it Forward even further by raising money for Hosanna Industries in the process! In the spirit of the season, the Pittsburgh North and Downtown Office in the Greater Pittsburgh Area want to contribute to a cause in order to give back to the communities that they serve and have identified Hosanna Industries as that cause. To learn more, contact your local Express office at 412-366-3661 or by email at [email protected].


At Whole Foods Market Wexford, $.05 is taken off your bill for every shopping bag you reuse. You also have the option to donate that nickel to Hosanna Industries this season! These nickels will add up to valuable dollars to help our needy neighbors. Head to Whole Foods to support Hosanna Industries with your Nickels for Nonprofits!

Change Matters

10 February

change matters

“Change Matters”

Start looking for mini Hosanna trucks at local business’ counters to make your change matter!

So far, you can donate at:

Will you help us by placing one of our trucks & blocks on your counter? We’d like to give your customers the opportunity to donate their spare change to help their needy neighbors!

If 50 businesses do this for a year we estimate that we could raise $9000!


Contact Amanda if you’d like your business to participate or if you have any questions.change matters Hosanna