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Hosanna Industries Raising $1.5 Million for West Virginia Flood Relief

12 July

Hosanna Industries is planning multiple trips to the Richwood community of Nicholas County, West Virginia.  Plans include building 15 new homes for impoverished households that lost their homes to the flood, repairing 30 homes with new drywall, electrical, insulation, etc., providing 30 furnaces and 50 hot water tanks, as well as other household appliances, miscellaneous household items and tools.  Hosanna plans to refurbish an industrial building in the community for housing volunteers, storing materials, feeding people, etc.  Total costs are around $1.5 million, all of which will be provided through donations.

Richwood, WV has a poverty rate of 46%, according to the Nicholas County Community Foundation, and many are recently unemployed due to the coal mining operations being shut down.

Donate online via credit cardOR

mail a check payable to Hosanna Industries to 109 Rinard Lane, Rochester, PA 15074.  Mark gifts “West Virginia,” and all gifts received will go toward rebuilding efforts there.

Contact Amanda with any questions, or if you would like to set up a donation drive.

West Virginia Flood Relief Hosanna Industries


On Saturday, July 9, Hosanna Industries flew to WV to determine the needs, and how we could help. We flew in the plane donated from a friend of the mission 5 years ago. This plane was donated for just this purpose, and we are grateful for the gift.

On Saturday, July 9, Hosanna Industries flew to WV to determine the needs, and how we could help. We flew in the plane donated from a friend of the mission 5 years ago. This plane was donated for just this purpose, and we are grateful for the gift.

Richwood WV

Richwood, WV has been devastated by the recent flooding, and has left people in the community living in tents or camper trailers.


Holy Week Blitz Build 2016: Thursday

29 March

On Maundy Thursday at 2PM, we dedicated Jim and Alexa’s new home. At that time, we gave them a few gifts.

Blanket, presented by Emily Cadenhead: 

This next gift comes to you from a new chapter in Hosanna’s story. At our Gibsonia location a group of women have started a fiber arts club, they heard about what we were doing this week and about your story and wanted to do something. They’ve never met you and they don’t know you, but they wanted you to know that they care about you. They crocheted this blanket as a reminder that we are all, strangers and friends alike, woven together in this journey called life.

Bible from Becky Hetzer:

As a mission worker for almost 19 years, I had the wonderful privilege again of presenting a family with a Bible for their new home that Hosanna had just built for them!  I was excited to do so and even more so when the idea came to me of what scripture to read and how to relate it to a new home dedication.

First, I read from Mark’s account of the Last Supper since it was Maundy Thursday when we dedicated the home.  Secondly, I read in Chapter 15 of the death of Jesus on the cross when he cried, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” And finally, Chapter 16 and the resurrection of our Lord when the women found the empty tomb!

The message I hope I conveyed to the family and the crowd of volunteers was that I was grateful we have a God who doesn’t quit.  He didn’t stop on Thursday with the Last Supper, nor did we quit after the first day of the Blitz.  Neither of those actions would have helped anyone, whether 2000 years ago or last week.  He also didn’t stop with His masterful plan after the death of his Son on the cross.  Nor did we stop constructing a masterfully designed home for a needy family.  What good would a half-built home do for anyone? How could God’s plan end in such a sad, desperate way?  Thank Heaven God completed his work by conquering death and raising His Son to be with Him again in Heaven – how wonderful is Easter i ask you?!  And Hosanna, in the same way, did not quit and finished a beautiful new home in 3 1/2 days with the help of so many wonderful volunteers!

Easter is real and miracles are real.  Just ask every family whom we have built a home for, or the congregation of the church we built in Arkansas, or the dear little  old widow who received a new furnace to keep her warm this winter.

Keys from Julie Wettach:

This gift is the smallest but please remembered each time that you use it, the volunteers that were a part of this build and how God opened doors so that you can be here. Please remember how doors were opened by Mars Bank so this project could become a reality, and how God is opening new doorways and pathways for you even now.

Thank you for reading this and for supporting a mission trying hard to show the hard, cold world that miracles can be a daily event…if you believe!

See pictures from this build here.

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Holy Week Blitz Build 2016: Wednesday

24 March

Can you feel the excitement, the joy, the amazement, the hope, the love?  Three weeks ago, a dilapidated trailer was Jim and Alexa’s home.  It had mold, the floors were bad, and the walls creaked whenever the wind blew.  Their utility bills were sky high.  Three days ago a new foundation and floor system were in place just in front of where that old trailer used to sit.  And now, some 55 or 60 hours later, their new home is complete.  Two bedrooms, a sewing room, a handicap accessible bathroom, a kitchen and living room.   It is finished.  It is safe, secure, and energy efficient.

Can you feel the sense of accomplishment that the volunteers who labored with our staff are feeling tonight?  Can you imagine the joy and hope and peace in Jim and Alexa’s hearts at this moment?  Can you sense the amazement in Sandy Lake today?  Close your eyes for just a minute.  Picture the sunrising on Monday morning over a pile of lumber and an empty floor system.  Picture the people’s faces as they were ready and willing to get started but unsure of what the week would hold.  Now fast forward three days and picture the sun setting behind the house tonight.  It is complete.  It is ready for Jim and Alexa.  It is safe and secure.  Look at those faces again.  They are a little wearier, perhaps, but do you see their joy?  Do you see their satisfaction knowing what their labor has accomplished?  Do you see their excitement because they were part of making a miracle happen for two of God’s children?

Wow!  It has been a big week for Jim and Alexa, for the amazing volunteers who willingly agreed to do whatever was asked of them, for Hosanna. Thank you for sharing in this week with us!


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Holy Week Blitz Build 2016: Tuesday

22 March

Day two started with a beautiful pastel sunrise, and another prayer circle.  It was warmer today and the sun was shining.  A really nice day to be building!

At the end of the first day the exterior looked like a house and now the interior is starting to look like one too. The drywall is hung, textured and painted. The trim and interior doors have been stained and are ready to be installed. Some 35 boxes of flooring are staged and ready to go tomorrow.  The ground has been graded, top soil raked out, and grass seed spread.

It takes many hands to make such wonderful things happen.  Young and old, male and female, experienced and inexperienced.  It’s all part of the miracle.  Exactly the right people at exactly the right place to do exactly what needs to be done at exactly the right time.  God’s hands can be seen through it all.

Alexa was there for most of the day today.  Jim was there for as much time as his work would allow.  Alexa’s parents and neighbors came over to see the new home.  I heard many times what a blessing this is. How much they needed this.  What a difference this house is making already.  Tears of joy and gratitude filled more than one person’s eyes.

You know, I’m reminded of a verse from the book of Joel in the Bible. “Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.”  What dreams will the older folks dream because they were a part of building this home?  What visions will our young people see, what prophesies will they have to share because of what they witnessed this week?

At Hosanna it is often said that God’s work is everyone’s business.  Thank you for all of you who have chosen to help with the work God is doing through Hosanna Industries this week!


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Holy Week Blitz Build 2016: Monday

21 March

Today was the first day of the blitz build for Jim and Alexa. As I walked across the building site just a couple of minutes after 8AM I looked around at the many people present. Some were old familiar faces. Mission workers I have worked beside for years, former and dearly loved mission workers, and some who have volunteered with us many times in the past. Some faces were new. Young children eight or nine years old, good folks who had taken time off from work, and others who had been retired for many years. Everyone there, though, had come to give a day of their lives to helping two of God’s children in need.  These good people were gathered between a floor system and a pile of trusses.  Off to the side were trucks and storage containers with more materials and tools.  As we prayed, you could sense everyone was anticipating what the day would hold.

It was cold, about 28° and the wind was blowing.  Most of the people there had no construction experience.  Could we do this thing?  Could we build a house in just 3 1/2 days?  How could an elementary age girl who’d never used a hammer before be helpful?  What about the elderly man, would he be warm enough outside all day?

Well, it’s just over twelve hours since we stood in that circle and said that prayer asking for God to help us.  That floor system is no longer empty.  Some cold fingers and toes are warm again.  A couple of well-deserved blisters have bandaids on them.  A few sore muscles are starting to relax for the evening.  And a house is well under way.  The walls have been stood.  The trusses are on.  The windows and exterior doors have been installed.  The siding is finished.  The shingles have all been nailed down.  The rough-in plumbing and electric are complete.  The panel box is up and running.  The insulation is nearly finished and the ceilings have drywall on them.

A miracle is happening in Sandy Lake this week.  Jim and Alexa will have a new safe home in just a couple of days.  Thank you to all who are part of making this happen – your prayers, your dollars, your time, your talent – we couldn’t do this without each and everyone of you.  God bless you.



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Holy Week Blitz Build 2016

12 March


Hosanna Industries to construct house in four days

What: Alexa and Jim, in Sandy Lake, Mercer County, will have a brand new home that is handicap accessible, where their trailer with rotting floors once stood. Due to Alexa’s health conditions, she will soon be wheelchair-bound and unable to navigate in their trailer. Hosanna Industries intends to build their home as a “blitz build”.

How: Hosanna Industries’ “blitz builds” are made possible with volunteer labor, donated and discounted materials and a uniquely organized building method which compresses the length of construction to four days. The house will be built and move-in ready; complete with furniture and appliances by the fourth day.

When: Foundation will be laid and walls will be built by Hosanna Industries staff and volunteers prior to the blitz week. Work will begin at 8am on Monday, March 21, Holy Week, and the house will be complete by Maundy Thursday, March 24. On Thursday, March 24 at 2pm, Hosanna will host a dedication of the home which is open to the public.

Who: Hosanna Industries’ staff of nine will lead the build, and approximately 60 volunteers from Illinois and Virginia who were previously scheduled with Hosanna, will assist all week. The First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown will also assist, as well as Mars National Bank.

Current needs:

  • Nearly $10,000 is still needed. Donate online or mail a check to “blitz build” 109 Rinard Lane, Rochester, PA 15074
  • Discounted or donated building materials

Rev. Dr. Donn Ed, founder and executive director of Hosanna Industries, said, “We are grateful for this Holy Week opportunity to provide new hope for another needy family in the name of the Carpenter of Nazareth who provided new hope for the whole world because of the events of the first Holy Week that happened 2000 years ago.”

Media and Fundraising Contact: Amanda Becker

September, 2015 Newsletter

13 October

“Tools. It’s hard to get anything done without them. Dentists need drills. Surgeons need scalpels. Teachers need chalkboards or whatever we call the more modern version. Preachers need books. Farmers need tractors. Gardeners need spades. Mission workers at Hosanna Industries need trucks and ladders, hammers and saws, and hundreds of other valuable instruments…”

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