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Strangers Who Care Enough to Help

09 February

In the past several weeks I have received numerous calls for furnace replacements and hot water tanks.

One such call was from a single mom of three¬†boys, all of whom play football at school. She called because they had no water and had not for several weeks but all of her 34 calls for help elsewhere had been to no avail. With in two days of her call we had her broken hot water tank replaced. She called in tears thanking Hosanna for returning her call and acting so quickly to help her. She said, ” I was overwhelmed with the mud from football practice and trying to heat pots of water on the stove for washing clothes and bathing. You people are angels. I was losing hope but you restored it. I told my boys to make sure to do nice things for people now that they know how amazing it feels to have strangers care enough to help.”

But the reality is the real angels are those of you who believe in what Hosanna does enough to give of your time talent and/or treasure. We CANNOT do it without you.

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