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Senior Project Ideas to Help Hosanna Industries

02 February

Senior Project Ideas to Help Hosanna Industries

This is not an exclusive list, but we often get requests from students wanting to do a senior project for Hosanna and wanted to give you some ideas. Please contact us at the office if you have any questions.

  • put on a fundraiser or special event to raise money and support for Hosanna Industries and the work that we do
  • help with the Harvest Project canning and taking care of the garden
  • start a collection at your school or church for first aid supplies, spare change, canning jars, or small construction supplies like fasteners
  • create a YouTube video or a series of blog posts about your experience with Hosanna and why you’d recommend working with us
  • come out to campus and help us take care of the buildings by cleaning and pulling weeds
  • volunteer with us on a project to help a needy homeowner
  • help with a special event by collecting auction items from local businesses or putting a basket together
  • volunteer at one of our events to score the trap shoot or decorate a christmas tree
  • help to provide a meal for a saturday volunteer group

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