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Scared Senior Citizens

08 June

Shirley is a 90 year old widow. She called to see if I knew any trustworthy workers she could call to do home repairs.

She had saved for various repairs and a handyman asked for payment up front and Shirley, coming from a generation of “your word is your bond”, paid the man in good faith. She never saw him again. She is a proud woman who wants to pay for any work done in her home. She said she has no problem with money or paying but is too scared to call anybody again. (She has a yearly income of a little over $13,000.)

During the few conversations I have had with Shirley, I have realized what a dear lady she is.  She said,”If he would have come to work on my home I would have made him a delicious lunch. I don’t know why he did this to me. He really wasn’t very nice but I figured if I made him some cookies he would have gotten nicer. I guess I’m thankful he didn’t come back because maybe he would have hurt me.”

I wish I could tell you that this is an exception but sadly I get all too many calls from senior citizens who are scared. Scared of strangers coming to their home, scared of not being able to pay their bills, scared they will not be able to afford their necessary medications, scared of being forgotten.

Join with me in praying for those in their golden years as they face a world so changed from the one they grew up in. Thanks to your donations and support of our fundraising programs our green trucks continue to roll down the road to Shirley’s and those like her. Thank you for helping us to repair homes and hearts and assuage the fears of a targeted generation.

-From an earlier e-blast (Sign up for our emails below.)

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