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Queen for a day

03 November

What is it that makes you feel like a King or Queen for a day? Someone surprises you with tickets to your favorite team’s game? You get a delivery of flowers to your home or office? You are treated to pampering at your favorite spa? A new dress? A fresh new hair style? A make over? Your family makes the day “all about you”?

Gladys left a message this week in a voice mixed with tears and excited emotion, “I know you get a lot of phone messages! I hope they are all messages of thanks! You made me feel like a Queen for a day! Such a blessing! The men who came to the house were polite, kind and did a beautiful job! I can take a shower now! I can wash my hair! I can go out of my house again! I haven’t had hot water for several months now and had no where to turn. United Way told me to call Hosanna Industries! I am so grateful. I have never felt more cared for!”

I continue to be amazed and humbled by the response of some of the folks we help. Their joy and appreciation at receiving what most of us take for granted! We are truly blessed to be a blessing.

-Amy Ed, Mission Worker