Chili Competitor


Thank you for registering to compete in the chili competition! If you would like to also compete with a pie, please register for that separately, thank you!



White chili, green chili, traditional chili, vegan chili, the list is almost endless, get creative and show off your culinary skills for a chance to place in the competition!

CHILI GUIDELINES: -Please bring your chili in a crockpot (full batch please!) no later than 11:30 am -Please have a name or title for your chili, be as creative as you want! -Please have a brief description of your chili, don’t stress about writing skills, just jot down a little something to explain what your chili is all about.

You must be present to compete in the competition. By registering as a competitor you are automatically added to the guest list, no need to sign up for both!