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Preaching Clinic

05 September

Preaching Clinic
We will be offering a preaching clinic at Hosanna Industries for clergy or laypeople who may:

  • need recharged
  • are looking for inspiration for the upcoming Advent season
  • want to learn how to preach without notes

Sessions will take place in the Morledge Library at Hosanna Industries on Mondays from 6:00PM-8:00PM starting on October 7th. We will only run this clinic if we have 5-6 participants, so please let us know if you are interested. There is no cost for the seminars, but students are welcome to make a donation to the mission.

Session 1:
Introductory Material
What is the aim of preaching?

  • Kerygmatic
  • Didactic
  • Exhortative
  • Corrective

What is the Word of God?
What is the relationship between the Word and Scripture?
How does the disposition of the Preacher affect the task of preaching?

Session 2:
Creative Sermon Composition / Exegesis

1. Begin w/ prayer
2. Create a special environment
3. Select potential passage (lectionary)

-What is the word of The Lord in the passage?

  • Is the passage preachable?
  • What is the basic message?
  • Title
  • What points can be used to dynamically convey the message – Process? (skeleton outline)
  • alliteration
  • rhymebrevity of pointmemorability
  • practicality

4. Illustrations / Examples
5. Conclusion
6. IntroductionBrooding Process

Session 3:
Practice Composition / Exegesis
Luke 15:8-10
Luke 11:29-32
Matthew 5:1-10
Matthew 21:28-32
Mark 6:30-44
Mark 13:32-37
John 3:1-21
Acts 3:1-10

Session 4:
Sermon Presentation / Discussion

Session 5:
Sermon Presentation / Discussion

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