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Exactly what this preaching clinic achieved

05 November
preaching clinic

Katie delivering her sermon in the            Morledge Chapel at Hosanna                                        during the Preaching Clinic

For the past five weeks at Hosanna Industries, every Monday night from October 7-November 4, we conducted our first preaching clinic. It was a new experience not only for Hosanna, but also for individuals that are current preachers and individuals that have an interest in preaching. This clinic was open to the public for anyone, no matter if you we’re a current preacher or not. A few of the staff that work for Hosanna even attended, including myself. When I was given the opportunity to preach at The Congregational Church of Etna back in August while Pastor Donn Ed was on vacation, it really sparked my interest in wanting to learn more about preaching. I felt a certain groove once I stepped up to the pulpit and started to preach, almost like it came naturally. Being able to participate in this preaching clinic really opened up my eyes not only on how to speak the word of God and get it across to the congregation, but also have a better insight on how much time, preparation, and dedication it requires of the preacher beforehand.

The clinic started off the first week with reviewing basic knowledge and the meaning of preaching. The next two weeks we reviewed several different passages and went over the steps of how to conduct a good sermon. The last two weeks, each individual wrote their own sermon and practiced preaching. One of the most important pieces of information that I learned in regards to preaching is the status of the heart. It is critical that the heart of the preacher carries the right motives, practically feeds off God’s word, has a positive attitude, and at the core, to strive to bring people to Christ and to keep them on that path. One cannot preach the word of God if their heart isn’t set on God and His messages.

Not only did the preaching clinic assist the individuals that attended, but it also assisted Hosanna in adding to the unique aspect that the mission holds. Hosanna is a mission unlike any other mission, which I think is one of its greatest characteristics. It strives to achieve various goals that fit to any individual, no matter their current state. One of the things I believe to be at the heart of the mission is to aid all people in any way the Lord leads — and that is exactly what this preaching clinic achieved.

-Katie DeJournette, Mission Worker

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