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Our Mission

21 May

A lot if not most of my job at the mission involves talking to and with people about Hosanna. Whether it be an individual or a group from a church, school, or business, most people have the same questions.

“What is your mission?” is one question that comes up often.

Oftentimes I speak at churches on Sunday mornings about the mission and how people can get involved, thanking them for their support. Many times I attend church mission fairs. In doing that, I get to see many different churches, and hear many different sermons.

I was recently at Zion United Methodist in Sarver, PA and the sermon reminded me of that question that people always ask “How is your mission different…” Pastor Rob preached about how all of these organizations that were at the church that morning have missions that are all different, but that “our missions are not our mission,” encouraging the people in the pews to focus on the thing that all of those organizations have in common, and that is their mission.

Hosanna’s work is not only about our five point mission statement, but it is about showing Christ’s love by being the Hands and Feet of Christ. God’s work is everyone’s business. That is our mission. That is everyone’s mission- to love each other as ourselves.

-Amanda Becker, Mission Worker

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