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Only girls on TV have birthdays with presents

17 December

Tom had called asking for some help from Hosanna. We helped Tom with his furnace replacement but in the meantime sent along some things to brighten up Ada’s 9th birthday. It was going to come and go uncelebrated because Tom was unable to cover the costs of all of the home repairs that are needed and knew Ada’s birthday would have to be a quiet one. I am happy to report that Ada had a wonderful birthday party with decorations in the theme of Frozen as that is her favorite Disney movie. She had food and cake and ice-cream  and opened up some gifts wrapped and sent from friends she may never meet. The gifts were sent wrapped in paper matching the birthday theme and her Grandfather had them hidden in a closet. She happened to find them and said,”Pap who are these presents for?” He said,” Well, who do you think they are for?” She said,” I don’t know…it can’t be me.” He said, ” Why can’t it be you/” She said, ” You said, we could go for ice-cream on my birthday but that would have to be all this year. Besides, only girls on TV have birthdays with presents.” He said,” They are for you Ada. You can’t open them until your birthday.” She said,” Where did they come from?” He said,” I think your mom and grandma sent some angels.” Heartfelt thanks to all of you Hosanna Angels who support what we do to alleviate the suffering of needy households and little girls like Ada. Donate here to help more households like this.

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