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It’s not just a home repair

01 December

It’s not just a home repair. Take Anna for instance. We sent someone there to install a new electrical box in her home to update the electrical system and to ensure electrical safety. She was so grateful. She is a widow living on a very low social security income. She has two grown daughters; one in New England and one in Florida. While having a conversation with her during her project, Donn discovered that her daughters never come to see her and she is homebound and completely alone. She is a sweetheart with no self pity and only a thankful and upbeat spirit but the facts still remain the facts. She is alone. This sparked a new idea in the minds of the Hosanna Family. We provide Christmas gifts and food for our clients. We will now screen the clients to see who would benefit from a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner to be delivered by our Staff and volunteers the day before Thanksgiving along with a sit down visit to alleviate some of their loneliness. So what started out as an electrical update has
developed into a whole new Hosanna program. So when someone asks you what Hosanna does, you can say, “ More than home repairs! “

Thanksgiving blessings to you and yours, Amy Ed

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