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Mesmerized by the Possibilities

28 August

So I was outside earlier and it started to rain. It was so refreshing after being in the sweltering kitchen all day! I looked around at that beautiful property and just marveled at where I was standing and how I got to be there and all of the great work that has happened there already with those tremendous volunteers. I wandered over to the middle pond and watched the rain bounce off the water. I could’ve stood there all evening and watched that. It was totally mesmerizing. I’m standing there staring just zoned out out kitchen sweat and raindrops and I thought to myself, “wow, my feet hurt” and then I thought to my self about how much that pond with those refreshing raindrops is like life. There is so much going on, over here, over there, right in front of you, right next to you, there is always something happening and you’ll never notice it all or appreciate or experience it all but you can, now and then just sit back for a moment in awe and let yourself become mesmerized by all the possibility and wonder that surrounds you.

Hosanna Industries Gibsonia Campus

Stay tuned for more information about programming at this gorgeous Gibsonia campus!

Emily Cadenhead, Program Director


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