Worker Apprenticeship Program

The Worker Apprenticeship Program helps students to discover, attain, and maintain the skills (technical, relational, intellectual, and ministerial) necessary to advance them into the world of ministry.

Students will be trained in all of the trade skills Hosanna Industries encounters. We use the most current and effective methods of project execution, as well as up-to-date tool, equipment, material nomenclature, operation, maintenance, and safety.

If students feel they have mastered a particular area of the program, they are encouraged to test out, under the supervision of a Senior Staff Member.

This is a three year program with four twelve-week semesters each year. The program is designed as follows: two trade disciplines, one ministry discipline, and one component of field exposure per term.

Program Description

    Term 1: Tools, Techniques, Hardware, framing, Old Testament History

    Term 2: Masonry, HVAC, New Testament History

    Term 3: Electrical, Plumbing, Biblical Theology

    Term 4: External Surfaces, Internal Surfaces, Christology

    Term 1: Painting, Flooring, Ethics

    Term 2: Design/Drawing, Planning/Budgeting, Ecclesiology

    Term 3: Site Management, Human Resources, Pastoral Development

    Term 4: Equipment operation, Loose materials, Surveying, Proclaiming

    Term 1: Interior trim, Exterior trim, Personal organization

    Term 2: Repair/Rehab, Business principles, Visioning

    Term 3: Problem solving, Imagination/Innovation,, Leadership

    Term 4: Building as a Profession, Philosophy of Progress/Termination Logistics, Quality analysis


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