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Into every life a little rain has to fall

08 April

“Into every life a little rain has to fall”…”the acorn would never grow into a mighty oak without rain and storms”…”it’s the struggles that make you stronger”…

We have heard these adages and lived by them, used them for inspiration in our own hours of struggle, but sometimes it seems some are dumped on by torrential storms while others enjoy a spring shower; Another mystery to leave until eternity to explain.

Daily, I speak to those who are struggling or they wouldn’t be calling Hosanna. Many are so appreciative of the possibility that someone “out there” cares enough to help. A few expect and demand it. Several are embarrassed to ask for it but are desperate and nearly hopeless. But all are struggling.

So, the other day I was dealing with a bit of my own struggle, on the verge of feeling sorry for myself when the phone rang and I met Maria. Maria has suffered with cerebral palsy since childhood but “gets along just fine.” She married a “sweetheart of a guy” who understood her limitations. They soon had a child who later was diagnosed with spina bifida and in recent years her husband has learned that he is suffering with MS, which has taken hold of his body quite aggressively. Maria managed to hold down a job and care for both her son and husband. Her aging parents live very nearby and recently she has had to become their caregiver as well. Maria had to quit her job so she could continue to care for her entire family. She was calling to see if there is any way we can put in a lower bathtub for her because using the current one is “becoming a bit difficult and dangerous to lift my husband and son in and out of it.”

Our conversation continued for several more minutes as I filled out her application all the while trying to soak up her courage, selflessness, and compassion. My last words to her were, “ Maria, if struggle makes us stronger, your name should be Hercules!” She responded with, “ Oh, I am not strong. I have strength all around me that holds me up.”

Needless to say, the green trucks will roll down Maria’s road and I think I can say with certainty that the mission workers will come away feeling they received more than they gave.

-Amy Ed, Mission Worker

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