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I’m a lot like you

11 August

In my role as Financial Steward at Hosanna Industries, I’m a lot like you. See, I spend most of my time working at my desk. I very rarely meet a client. I hardly ever work with the volunteers that help Hosanna so much. Yet, I’ve been a Mission Worker for 15 years. I’m honored to be a part of this mission that struggles everyday to help as many hurting households as possible. What keeps me motivated when most of my time is spent with a computer, paying bills, writing letters, seeking funding? Hopefully the same thing that keeps you motivated as a supporter of our mission. It’s the stories. It’s the lady who used to sleep with buckets in her bed everytime it rained that now has a new roof. It’s the mom whose children were able to have a tickle war on the floor of the living room after we built her a house. It’s the widow whose blankets are no longer covering her windows and making her feel like she lives in a cave because Hosanna and a group of volunteers put replacement windows in her home. It’s the middle aged woman who decided she could do more for herself after watching our female mission workers make repairs on her home. She used to take anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication but with the help of her doctor has weaned herself off and has started looking for a job for the first time in a decade. It’s the elderly couple whose furnace was red-tagged but now has heat so they will be warm next winter.

You see, I may not be meeting the people we help everyday. I don’t need to. I hear the stories. I know how our work turns lives around. I know how it brings hope and peace and security and dignity to real people. I know that what I do at my desk enables the field staff to do what they do – repair homes and lives. Your support of Hosanna Industries enables them, too. You see, I’m a lot like you.

-Julie Wettach, mission worker

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