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Holy Week Blitz Build 2016

12 March


Hosanna Industries to construct house in four days

What: Alexa and Jim, in Sandy Lake, Mercer County, will have a brand new home that is handicap accessible, where their trailer with rotting floors once stood. Due to Alexa’s health conditions, she will soon be wheelchair-bound and unable to navigate in their trailer. Hosanna Industries intends to build their home as a “blitz build”.

How: Hosanna Industries’ “blitz builds” are made possible with volunteer labor, donated and discounted materials and a uniquely organized building method which compresses the length of construction to four days. The house will be built and move-in ready; complete with furniture and appliances by the fourth day.

When: Foundation will be laid and walls will be built by Hosanna Industries staff and volunteers prior to the blitz week. Work will begin at 8am on Monday, March 21, Holy Week, and the house will be complete by Maundy Thursday, March 24. On Thursday, March 24 at 2pm, Hosanna will host a dedication of the home which is open to the public.

Who: Hosanna Industries’ staff of nine will lead the build, and approximately 60 volunteers from Illinois and Virginia who were previously scheduled with Hosanna, will assist all week. The First Presbyterian Church of Bakerstown will also assist, as well as Mars National Bank.

Current needs:

  • Nearly $10,000 is still needed. Donate online or mail a check to “blitz build” 109 Rinard Lane, Rochester, PA 15074
  • Discounted or donated building materials

Rev. Dr. Donn Ed, founder and executive director of Hosanna Industries, said, “We are grateful for this Holy Week opportunity to provide new hope for another needy family in the name of the Carpenter of Nazareth who provided new hope for the whole world because of the events of the first Holy Week that happened 2000 years ago.”

Media and Fundraising Contact: Amanda Becker

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