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Holy Week Blitz Build 2016: Wednesday

24 March

Can you feel the excitement, the joy, the amazement, the hope, the love?  Three weeks ago, a dilapidated trailer was Jim and Alexa’s home.  It had mold, the floors were bad, and the walls creaked whenever the wind blew.  Their utility bills were sky high.  Three days ago a new foundation and floor system were in place just in front of where that old trailer used to sit.  And now, some 55 or 60 hours later, their new home is complete.  Two bedrooms, a sewing room, a handicap accessible bathroom, a kitchen and living room.   It is finished.  It is safe, secure, and energy efficient.

Can you feel the sense of accomplishment that the volunteers who labored with our staff are feeling tonight?  Can you imagine the joy and hope and peace in Jim and Alexa’s hearts at this moment?  Can you sense the amazement in Sandy Lake today?  Close your eyes for just a minute.  Picture the sunrising on Monday morning over a pile of lumber and an empty floor system.  Picture the people’s faces as they were ready and willing to get started but unsure of what the week would hold.  Now fast forward three days and picture the sun setting behind the house tonight.  It is complete.  It is ready for Jim and Alexa.  It is safe and secure.  Look at those faces again.  They are a little wearier, perhaps, but do you see their joy?  Do you see their satisfaction knowing what their labor has accomplished?  Do you see their excitement because they were part of making a miracle happen for two of God’s children?

Wow!  It has been a big week for Jim and Alexa, for the amazing volunteers who willingly agreed to do whatever was asked of them, for Hosanna. Thank you for sharing in this week with us!


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