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Holy Week Blitz Build 2016: Thursday

29 March

On Maundy Thursday at 2PM, we dedicated Jim and Alexa’s new home. At that time, we gave them a few gifts.

Blanket, presented by Emily Cadenhead: 

This next gift comes to you from a new chapter in Hosanna’s story. At our Gibsonia location a group of women have started a fiber arts club, they heard about what we were doing this week and about your story and wanted to do something. They’ve never met you and they don’t know you, but they wanted you to know that they care about you. They crocheted this blanket as a reminder that we are all, strangers and friends alike, woven together in this journey called life.

Bible from Becky Hetzer:

As a mission worker for almost 19 years, I had the wonderful privilege again of presenting a family with a Bible for their new home that Hosanna had just built for them!  I was excited to do so and even more so when the idea came to me of what scripture to read and how to relate it to a new home dedication.

First, I read from Mark’s account of the Last Supper since it was Maundy Thursday when we dedicated the home.  Secondly, I read in Chapter 15 of the death of Jesus on the cross when he cried, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” And finally, Chapter 16 and the resurrection of our Lord when the women found the empty tomb!

The message I hope I conveyed to the family and the crowd of volunteers was that I was grateful we have a God who doesn’t quit.  He didn’t stop on Thursday with the Last Supper, nor did we quit after the first day of the Blitz.  Neither of those actions would have helped anyone, whether 2000 years ago or last week.  He also didn’t stop with His masterful plan after the death of his Son on the cross.  Nor did we stop constructing a masterfully designed home for a needy family.  What good would a half-built home do for anyone? How could God’s plan end in such a sad, desperate way?  Thank Heaven God completed his work by conquering death and raising His Son to be with Him again in Heaven – how wonderful is Easter i ask you?!  And Hosanna, in the same way, did not quit and finished a beautiful new home in 3 1/2 days with the help of so many wonderful volunteers!

Easter is real and miracles are real.  Just ask every family whom we have built a home for, or the congregation of the church we built in Arkansas, or the dear little  old widow who received a new furnace to keep her warm this winter.

Keys from Julie Wettach:

This gift is the smallest but please remembered each time that you use it, the volunteers that were a part of this build and how God opened doors so that you can be here. Please remember how doors were opened by Mars Bank so this project could become a reality, and how God is opening new doorways and pathways for you even now.

Thank you for reading this and for supporting a mission trying hard to show the hard, cold world that miracles can be a daily event…if you believe!

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