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Holy Week Blitz Build 2016: Monday

21 March

Today was the first day of the blitz build for Jim and Alexa. As I walked across the building site just a couple of minutes after 8AM I looked around at the many people present. Some were old familiar faces. Mission workers I have worked beside for years, former and dearly loved mission workers, and some who have volunteered with us many times in the past. Some faces were new. Young children eight or nine years old, good folks who had taken time off from work, and others who had been retired for many years. Everyone there, though, had come to give a day of their lives to helping two of God’s children in need.  These good people were gathered between a floor system and a pile of trusses.  Off to the side were trucks and storage containers with more materials and tools.  As we prayed, you could sense everyone was anticipating what the day would hold.

It was cold, about 28° and the wind was blowing.  Most of the people there had no construction experience.  Could we do this thing?  Could we build a house in just 3 1/2 days?  How could an elementary age girl who’d never used a hammer before be helpful?  What about the elderly man, would he be warm enough outside all day?

Well, it’s just over twelve hours since we stood in that circle and said that prayer asking for God to help us.  That floor system is no longer empty.  Some cold fingers and toes are warm again.  A couple of well-deserved blisters have bandaids on them.  A few sore muscles are starting to relax for the evening.  And a house is well under way.  The walls have been stood.  The trusses are on.  The windows and exterior doors have been installed.  The siding is finished.  The shingles have all been nailed down.  The rough-in plumbing and electric are complete.  The panel box is up and running.  The insulation is nearly finished and the ceilings have drywall on them.

A miracle is happening in Sandy Lake this week.  Jim and Alexa will have a new safe home in just a couple of days.  Thank you to all who are part of making this happen – your prayers, your dollars, your time, your talent – we couldn’t do this without each and everyone of you.  God bless you.



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