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Festival of Trees Ideas

13 July

Hosanna Industries’ 4th Annual Festival of Trees is on November 19-21, 2015 at Quality Gardens. Individuals & organizations donate small artificial Christmas trees that are decorated, all with a different theme. The trees are then auctioned off, with proceeds benefitting our charitable work. The trees have gotten more creative over the years, & this year we compiled this brief idea list to get your wheels turning! This is not an exclusive list! This year we insist that you submit your theme for approval, first. That way, we can do our best to make sure we are presenting unique trees.

Theme Ideas:

  1. Joy to the World (ornaments made of maps, globe for the topper)
  2. Pirates, Steelers, or Penguins tree (check out these lights made into baseballs)
  3. Disney
  4. golf (stand the tree in a bucket of golf balls, add gift cards or coupons for local golf courses. make ornaments out of golf balls)
  5. Christmas in Toyland (use a bright colored tree & repurpose kids toys into ornaments, or make crayon ornaments or Lego ornaments)
  6. Pisanky eggs
  7. Peppermint pizazz (white tree with red ribbon. make ornaments out of peppermints.)
  8. Sounds of the Season (sheet music ornaments)
  9. turned wood or scrolled wood
  10. Hostess with the Mostest (dip or soup mix ornaments)
  11. tools (either put mini tools on the tree, or repurpose things like paint sticks or paint brushes or bolts & washers. stand the tree in a toolbox or five gallon bucket)
  12. Seasonal Seaside (starfish for a tree topper?!)
  13. 12 Days of Christmas
  14. Country Western  Christmas (shotgun shell ornaments, denim ornaments, bandana garland, cowboy hat as topper, and boots as a tree stand)
  15. Candyland
  16. gift cards (choose a theme- pizza places or gas stations?)
  17. crochet bells or snowflakes
  18. stained glass (you could make the tree out of glass, or even use scrap glass to create some ornaments)
  19. felt tree for toddlers
  20. fairies (a new take on the fairy garden?! why not include some gnomes, too?)
  21. watercolor (mini watercolored canvases)
  22. Gingerbread (if it is going to be edible, please package the cookies appropriately)
  23. origami
  24. Dog Lover (stand the tree on a dog house, and try ornaments like this or dog bones as ornaments)
  25. Eye Spy
  26. Cooking Christmas (cookie cutter ornaments, sprinkles, apron as a tree skirt, cupcake ornaments, wooden spoon ornaments, cupcake liner garland)

Or, try an alternative like a tree made of antlers or driftwood!

Why not make this a group effort? In the past we have had groups of friends work on their trees together- It makes for a perfect craft night! We also have an individual that hosts a before-Christmas-season party, & asks everyone to bring something for a specific theme.

Contact Amanda Becker if you would like more information, or if you’d like to get involved in this year’s event.


Festival of Trees Hosanna Industries

“Frosty,” from 2014 Festival of Trees


From a repurposed tree, 2014 Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees Hosanna Industries

From a pocket watch tree, “Time for Christmas,” from 2013 Festival of Trees

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