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A Conversation With a Lonely Soul

10 May

I got a call from Hazel yesterday. She is an 86 year old woman who asked if we can fix her leaking roof. I was concerned because it is a high, possibly very steep roof and as I tried to discern the details I discovered I was having a conversation with a very lonely soul. I was trying to see if she could have a family member, neighbor, friend, pastor or caregiver text me a picture of the home so I could have Brian say whether or not it was a roof he felt our current staff would be able to handle safely. I sadly realized that she has no one. Her family and friends “have all passed.” She never married and she is estranged from her church because she is not allowed to go anywhere alone due to “dizzy spells.” Her insurance does not cover a caregiver and though she says her neighbors are very nice she does not like to ask for favors because “…people just don’t help people like they used to. They is too busy.” As I spoke with her, I was thinking about ways to help her. We can call a church in her area and see if she can get a ride to services and maybe some folks to visit her now and then. Forget the picture of the roof. We will find a way to fix the leaks. And as I was listening to her and trying to think of SOME way to get help to her she said, “Honey, if you aren’t able to fix my roof that’s o.k. You helped me by just talking to me today.” It’s that simple. So if you are considering volunteering to serve with Hosanna please realize that the hammers may fix the roof that is leaking but it’s your hearts that will give a lonely soul some healing. As you go through today take a moment to say a prayer for Hazel and those like her and give thanks for the people you have in your life that safeguard your heart from loneliness.

-Amy Ed, mission worker

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