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A Challenge

04 January

Time, treasure, talent! So many ways to donate; all of them valuable and necessary to allow a mission like Hosanna to keep the green trucks rolling from project to project alleviating the suffering of needy households. Volunteers give of their time and we all know how precious time is! College students forgo the trip to the beach for Spring Break and instead labor alongside mission workers and other volunteers to get God’s work done. It takes sacrifice. Many folks who volunteer their time and talent also donate monetarily to the mission. And then there are folks who can’t volunteer; not enough time or possibly physically disabled. One such case comes in mind that I would like to share with you.

She is elderly, disabled and financially poor. She walks with a lift in her shoe with great difficulty and with a walker and other days she is in a wheelchair. She lives in a small apartment with no cable, no computer or internet and does not use a cell phone. She heard about Hosanna Industries helping needy homeowners with house repairs. She has never owned a home and probably never will. She could never afford it. And because of her inability to to care for responsibly would not want it. But she wanted to help those who are living with difficult situations in need of home repairs. She sacrifices to donate $10 per month to Hosanna and has done so for many years now. I am so very grateful on behalf of those we serve for all of the donated dollars; from individuals, churches, foundations and businesses but I have to say that it is her donated dollars that I think about every time I am interviewing a potential client. Her monthly income is below $700. Her sacrifice is heart wrenching. I am in awe of her love and compassion for those she does not know and will never meet.

I challenge all who read this to join her in donating $10 per month. Maybe you can afford more but I feel she would be so thrilled to know her sacrifice can grow a mission by inspiring others to give what she gives. With heartfelt appreciation for a quiet, generous soul, I ask you to think about it.

-Amy Ed, mission worker

If you would like to arrange to make a monthly gift to the mission, please call us at 724-770-0262. Monthly credit card or PayPal donations can be set up on our website by clicking the ‘Give to Hosanna‘ button.

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