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TOP TEN things you can do TODAY (Giving Tuesday) to give back

24 November

Today is Giving Tuesday, and in the spirit of giving, we came up with a TOP TEN list of ways to give back through Hosanna Industries. These are simple things you can do right now.



  1. Say a prayer or two! Pray for the people crying out, “Hosanna, rescue me now, Lord!”
  2. Donate online or mail a check.
  3. Like us on Facebook, share our pages with your friends, or rate us on Facebook.
  4. Write a review about your experience with us on Network for Good, which will help us to receive more support.
  5. Register for our metal-working class to make a handmade Christmas gift.
  6. Sign up to deliver Christmas gifts to a household that we’ve helped this year.
  7. Start collecting spare change. Every penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar, etc. makes a difference!
  8. Sign up (at the bottom of our website) for our e-blast to stay in the loop about our work.
  9. Shop like you normally would at (or Amazon Prime) but use instead, & .5% of every purchase will benefit the mission, with no extra charge to you.
  10. While you’re out running errands, grab something extra. Here’s our wish list: 

Thanks for your support & Merry Christmas!

Change Matters, January – March 2016

19 January

Can you help us? Please consider placing one of our small trucks and containers on the counter at your business, to collect spare change. We would like to place more than 30 of these trucks at various local businesses for two months for the purpose of charitable donations to Hosanna Industries. If each business collects at least $100, then we could fully fund a project for a needy household in our area.

Hosanna Industries helps people like Lillian, who had not left her house in seven months because she did not have a wheelchair ramp. Thanks to Hosanna, she was able to leave her house unassisted to go to her dialysis appointments.

Hosanna Industries helps people like Rosemaria, a single mom with a severely mentally disabled and mute 18 year old son. The young man requires constant supervision and attention. She called Hosanna because she had no kitchen whatsoever at her home. She was washing her dishes in the bathroom sink upstairs and preparing meals in the microwave. She asked if we could possibly help her, and after five hours at her home, our mission workers and volunteers had installed a brand new kitchen for her and her son.

The change in your pocket could be the change from cold to sheltered. From scared to safe. From lost to a bright future. Your change could be someone’s hope. It could be someone’s new beginning. A chance for new friendships. Your change can be home. Encourage your customers to share their spare change to help people like Lillian and Rosemaria.

Hosanna Industries is a 501c3 nonprofit, founded in 1990.

Change Matters Hosanna Industries

Contact Amanda Becker if you would like a truck at your organization, or if you have any questions.

So far, we have trucks out at the following businesses:

How to keep your 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

18 January

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution in 2016? There’s still hope– maybe we can help you keep it!

  • Volunteer more/ as a family/ regularly

If you resolved to volunteer, whether it be by yourself, with your family, or more regularly, we can help you with that! Join us anytime– we don’t have age limits or skill requirements. We work five days a week, usually Monday through Friday, but we occasionally work Saturdays. We provide all of the tools and instruction, and most of our work is construction-related. Contact Emily to set up a time to come out. We’ll likely have you meet us at the job. We work all over the region, and choose the job for the day based on things like weather, number of volunteers, and client circumstances. Emily will schedule you, and then a few days before, she will let you know when and where to meet us. We look forward to working with you! (For more information about volunteering, check out this page.)

  • Learn something new/ develop a hobby/ finish projects

We have a brand new campus that is all about growth and learning. Hosanna Gibsonia will have classes where you can learn a new art like painting, develop a hobby like crocheting, or even finish (and start) a craft project in one of our Pinterest workshops. We are looking forward to being a tool that you use to sharpen your skills and broaden your horizons. Eventually, the programs at this campus will support our charitable work. We hope to see you at a workshop soon! (For more information about these programs, check out this page.)

  • Give back to the community/ donate more/ tithe

Ever heard the phrase, “It is in giving that we receive,” or “You can’t take it with you”? Whatever your quote preference and whatever your reasoning, if you intend to give back this year, we can help. There are several ways that you can give to our mission, whether it be financially, or through in-kind gifts. You can set up automated giving once a month through your credit card or bank account. Our client households have an average annual income of less than $20,000, and we strive to help 130 of these clients with essential home repairs at no cost to them. We depend solely on donations, and gifts to our mission are tax-deductible. (For more information about giving to Hosanna Industries, check out this page, or contact us.)

  • Get in shape/ stay active/ be healthier

This is a common resolution, and one that we can definitely help with! Sometimes it helps to make a goal, so rather than just working out more often to get in shape and be healthy, it might help to have a goal, such as “This year I’m going to run or walk a 5k,” or even “This year I’m going to run a half-marathon”. We have a 5k fun run/ walk in April, and we are a participating charity for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May. Pick your poison, and join us for either one or both! “A Miracle Every Mile!” (For more information about our 5k, check out this page, and for more information about how to participate in a marathon event, check out this page.)

Opportunities to Give Back for the Holidays

21 September

There are so many ways to get involved in Hosanna Industries this season (and every season), so we compiled this list for you. These are great opportunities for families or small groups. Please let us know if you’re interested in helping in any of these ways!

  • Festival of Trees: November 19-21
    • Sponsor the event (sponsorships start at $150)
    • Decorate & donate a tree
      • deadline is October 30th
    • Attend the event!
      • free to attend, bring the whole family
      • bid on artificial trees that are available via silent auction
    • Spread the word!
  • Thanksgiving dinner delivery: the week of Thanksgiving
    • Provide & deliver a meal to a lonely household in need sometime around Thanksgiving
      • this depends on our clients’ needs
  • Gift wrapping fundraiser: December 5-6, December 18-20
    • Bring your Christmas gifts to Richland Mall to be wrapped by us, in exchange for a donation
    • Donate wrapping supplies or hold a collection for wrapping paper at your business or church
    • Volunteer by yourself or with a group to help for a shift
      • shifts are 3-4 hours long
      • perfect for someone who loves to wrap, but we can provide tutorials, too
    • Spread the word! (Here’s the flyer)
  • Christmas gift delivery: December 12, and anytime before Christmas
    • Volunteer!
      • We need help delivering gifts as well as on the day of the event
      • Register here
    • Hold a collection for gift cards for our clients
      • Wal-Mart, Giant Eagle, Shop N Save, Target
      • gifts are already provided and wrapped, but gift cards are perfect for grocery shopping
    • Donate Christmas cards
    • Donate frozen turkeys or chickens
Gifts lined up for our 2013 clients!

Gifts lined up for our 2013 clients!

Other ways to help this season or any season:

  • Hold a volunteer tool collection! (We have a list of specific needs, ask us if you’re interested.)
  • Hold a penny drive!
  • Pray!
  • Volunteer with us!
  • Shop on Amazon! 

Festival of Trees Ideas

13 July

Hosanna Industries’ 4th Annual Festival of Trees is on November 19-21, 2015 at Quality Gardens. Individuals & organizations donate small artificial Christmas trees that are decorated, all with a different theme. The trees are then auctioned off, with proceeds benefitting our charitable work. The trees have gotten more creative over the years, & this year we compiled this brief idea list to get your wheels turning! This is not an exclusive list! This year we insist that you submit your theme for approval, first. That way, we can do our best to make sure we are presenting unique trees.

Theme Ideas:

  1. Joy to the World (ornaments made of maps, globe for the topper)
  2. Pirates, Steelers, or Penguins tree (check out these lights made into baseballs)
  3. Disney
  4. golf (stand the tree in a bucket of golf balls, add gift cards or coupons for local golf courses. make ornaments out of golf balls)
  5. Christmas in Toyland (use a bright colored tree & repurpose kids toys into ornaments, or make crayon ornaments or Lego ornaments)
  6. Pisanky eggs
  7. Peppermint pizazz (white tree with red ribbon. make ornaments out of peppermints.)
  8. Sounds of the Season (sheet music ornaments)
  9. turned wood or scrolled wood
  10. Hostess with the Mostest (dip or soup mix ornaments)
  11. tools (either put mini tools on the tree, or repurpose things like paint sticks or paint brushes or bolts & washers. stand the tree in a toolbox or five gallon bucket)
  12. Seasonal Seaside (starfish for a tree topper?!)
  13. 12 Days of Christmas
  14. Country Western  Christmas (shotgun shell ornaments, denim ornaments, bandana garland, cowboy hat as topper, and boots as a tree stand)
  15. Candyland
  16. gift cards (choose a theme- pizza places or gas stations?)
  17. crochet bells or snowflakes
  18. stained glass (you could make the tree out of glass, or even use scrap glass to create some ornaments)
  19. felt tree for toddlers
  20. fairies (a new take on the fairy garden?! why not include some gnomes, too?)
  21. watercolor (mini watercolored canvases)
  22. Gingerbread (if it is going to be edible, please package the cookies appropriately)
  23. origami
  24. Dog Lover (stand the tree on a dog house, and try ornaments like this or dog bones as ornaments)
  25. Eye Spy
  26. Cooking Christmas (cookie cutter ornaments, sprinkles, apron as a tree skirt, cupcake ornaments, wooden spoon ornaments, cupcake liner garland)

Or, try an alternative like a tree made of antlers or driftwood!

Why not make this a group effort? In the past we have had groups of friends work on their trees together- It makes for a perfect craft night! We also have an individual that hosts a before-Christmas-season party, & asks everyone to bring something for a specific theme.

Contact Amanda Becker if you would like more information, or if you’d like to get involved in this year’s event.


Festival of Trees Hosanna Industries

“Frosty,” from 2014 Festival of Trees


From a repurposed tree, 2014 Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees Hosanna Industries

From a pocket watch tree, “Time for Christmas,” from 2013 Festival of Trees

WesBanco Charitable Giving Program

12 June

WesBanco Charitable Giving Program Hosanna Industries


For a limited time only, open a new checking account and earn a $50 donation for Hosanna Industries, Inc. and earn a bonus of up to $150 for yourself!

Contact Jennifer at the Shadyside Banking Center, 412.325.7001 if you have any questions.

Account can be opened at any WesBanco location– just tell them you’re opening the account due to the Charitable Giving for Hosanna Industries.