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Business Involvement Ideas

15 April

When I approach businesses, I begin by inviting them to come out and experience us either by touring our campus or serving in the field with us to help a local needy family. Once the relationship begins, it is my hope they will support the mission financially and this is where the options go through the roof!

A business can:

  • simply donate on a monthly or annual basis
  • sponsor and attend out fabulous fundraisers
  • donate useful product
  • donate to a particular project and then work on it as well

A business can hold its own fundraiser such as:

  • a donate to dress down day
  • host a luncheon on the campus of Hosanna and bring other business owners to introduce them to the mission

As you can see the possibilities grow as the imagination grows! Contact us to have your business be a part of a mission that is bringing hope to those who need it most!

-Becky Hetzer, Mission Worker

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