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Auction Basket Ideas

23 April

Hosanna Industries is funded solely by the generosity of other people. We have many special events that help to fund our charitable work, and also introduce new people to the mission. For many of these special events, we have “Chinese Auctions,” and we are always in need of people to donate baskets! Below is a list of ideas that we came up with. Let us know if you want to contribute something!


Things to keep in mind:

  • Ideally, auction baskets for our events are valued at $50-$100 each.
  • Is it something most people would want to win? Would YOU want to win it?
  • Be creative!
  • Don’t hesitate to coordinate with other people and go in on a theme together.
  • Make it pretty! Or just give us the items and we will make it pretty for you. :)
  • Don’t forget to check places like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Trader Joe’s— they have nice things for lower prices.
  • This is not an exclusive list! Feel free to comment if you have another idea.


  1. Money doesn’t grow on trees: Lottery tickets
  2. Pirates Tailgate: package everything in a cooler. drink coozies, snacks, paper plates, Pirates hat or blanket
  3. Chocolate Lover: :)
  4. Gourmet Italian or Pizza Party: pasta, strainer, sauces, pizza ingredients, pizza pan
  5. Local Restaurants: small gift cards to local restaurants or chain restaurants
  6. For Runners’: gummy bears, sports drinks, protein bars, foam roller, water bottle, headband, chiropractor gift card
  7. Mexican Fiesta: package everything in a pretty bowl. salsa, tortilla chips, lime juicer, margarita mix and glasses
  8. Gardening Gifts: package it all in a flower pot. seeds, herbs, little shovel, garden markers, wind chimes
  9. Hunters’ Heaven: hand warmers, beef jerky, orange hat, wool socks, Bass Pro Shop gift card
  10. Tee Time: bucket full of golf balls, golf tees, club cover, golf umbrella
  11. Summer Sun: sunscreen, frisbees, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, slip n slide, squirt guns, plastic sunglasses
  12. Pool Party: package everything in a beach bag. rafts, blow up toys, beach towel
  13. Ice Cream Social: ice cream toppings, scooper, cones, brownie mix, candies
  14. It’s a Wrap: wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags for different holidays
  15. Camping Kit: smores ingredients, smores sticks, folding chairs, bug spray
  16. Dog Lover: dog bones, treats, toys, gift certificate to groomer
  17. Coffee Enthusiast: k-cups, coffee mug, syrups, Starbucks gift card
  18. Party Time: pick a color theme or two and get paper plates, napkins, plastic cups, straws, streamers, toothpicks, plastic silverware
  19. Picnic Basket: package in a basket with a handle. plastic wine glasses, picnic blanket, gourmet snacks
  20. Spa Day: gift card to a local spa, lotions, bath salts, facial masks
  21. BBQ Deliciousness: variety of marinades, skewer sticks, sauces, spices, rubs, grilling tools, gift card to meat market

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