Acorn Club

An acorn that falls from an oak tree holds endless potential, that is what we will aim to show our acorns during this summer’s program. That each one them has amazing power and potential to be truly wonderful!

June 12 & 14 – Welcome Week! Acorns will get to know one another, create their own working space, organize their supplies and become prepared for the weeks ahead

June 19 & 21 – Artist Week! Acorns will study various artists and art works, and techniques. They will also create their own art using learned techniques as well as their own.

June 26 & 28 -Music Week! Acorns will study different styles of music, discuss their favorite musicians, write a song together, and meet some local musicians!

July 3 & 5 – America Week! Acorns will learn some fascinating history about America, they will also prepare a paper, “If I were President”

July 10 & 12 -Science Week! Acorns will learn about the exciting world of science by conducting experiments, studies, and creating their own scientific invention!

July 17 & 19 – Super Hero Week! Acorns are welcome to come dressed as their favorite super hero. We will discuss our own super powers and how to use them best, we will also meet some of our own hometown super heroes!

July 24 & 26 – Off

July 31 & August 2 – Nature Week! Acorns will learn about the environment around them and the creatures, big and small that reside in it.

August 7 & 9 – Final Week. This week students will focus mainly on their final production!

Acorn Club is from 8:30AM-12:30PM on the dates listed above.  Children will bring their own lunch each day.

Each day at Acorn Club, along with the theme of the week we will also spend time imagining, pretending, and creating. We will learn the value of treating one another with kindness and respect.

This year the Acorns will be writing their own play! We will record their play so that you can watch the video! The kids will be working really hard on this, and we’d love to see all the families and friends of the Acorns come to the Movie Premiere Night on Friday, August 10, beginning at 6PM. Following the movie premiere we will have food and drink, fellowship and local musicians showcasing their talents for us!

Register below as we only have space for 40 children.  Suggested ages are 4-10 years old.  Scholarships are available.  Please call our office at 724-770-0262 if you’d like to discuss the scholarships.

Contact Emily if you have other questions about Acorn Club.

Acorn Club Registration 2018

We’re full for 2018 Acorn Club! Call Emily at 724-770-0262 to be added to the waiting list.