Mission Workers

Hosanna Industries' Mission Workers, Photo Credit Geoff Crowe Photography

The Rev. Dr. Donn D. Ed is our Founder and Executive Director and heart and soul of this great mission. 26 years ago he was given a vision to start this place and with his own blood, sweat, and tears and the Lord’s leading, here we are today! Thousands of homes and lives rebuilt, tens of thousands of volunteers led and hundreds of staff members taught throughout the years. Reading, bee keeping, clock and watch making/repair are a few things Donn enjoys doing when he has a free minute. Donn also serves as the pastor at the First Congregational Church of Etna.

 Amy Ed has been a part of the mission since its inception and was the major catalyst in the forming of the client screening process. As our office manager she handles client files and applications, and writes our e-blasts. If you call the office it will most likely be Amy that answers your call. When she is not at the office working, Amy enjoys using her hands to make beautiful and creative things in her studio as well as cooking and spending time with her family.

Brian Hetzer leads our special construction projects and blitz builds. He is originally from Rochester, NY and graduated from Westminster College. Although he has been on staff since 1994, Brian continues to learn new and updated techniques in the trades. Aside from carpentry, Brian enjoys being with his family and friends, great food and good music, and getting into the occasional project at home.

Becky Hetzer has been with us since 1996. She is a graduate of Grove City College.  As a mother of two, Becky used to work mostly in the office but has put her boots and tool belt back on to re-engage in field work.  Becky does an excellent job leading the home repair program and our Hosanna Harvest program.  Managing in-kind donations is just one of Becky’s additional roles at the mission.

Emily Cadenhead has been a part of the mission her whole life. Coordinating potential volunteer groups and field work are a few of her typical duties. Emily has a license in cosmetology and practices on the side but has said that it would never replace her love of roofing!  Recently, Emily started leading programs at Hosanna’s Gibsonia campus. If you are interested in developing your creative gifts or teaching a course, please contact Emily!

Katie DeJournette  served on our Summer Staff previously, and became a full time staff member during the summer of 2012. Also a graduate of Grove City College, Katie has a degree in Biblical Religious Studies. Originally from Burlington, NC, she holds the role of Campus Steward at our Rochester campus, and is a vital part of our field staff.

Summer Staff: Each summer we hire a few high school or college age students to support our efforts during the busy summer months. For some high school students, it is an introduction into the building trades and allows them to further consider their career possibilities.  After a summer with Hosanna, students may be more aware of Christ’s calling in their life, as well as the gifts they have been given to follow that call.  For other students, working with us introduces them to a whole new world and their hearts and minds are opened to needs they never knew existed as they walk into homes and communities filled with hardships they have never experienced before and they make a difference.  They learn the value of leadership, hard work, and community-mindedness.  These are lessons they take into their adult lives and careers that will allow them to continue to make a difference in the world around them.

Interested in becoming a mission worker? Great. We encourage you to volunteer with us, if you haven’t already. Get to know us as we get to know you. Then pray, offer yourself to the service of the Lord and listen.

These are the commissioning vows made by the mission workers of Hosanna Industries:

  • Do we believe that God sent Jesus into the world to hear and to respond to the Hosanna cries of people in need of God’s gracious help?
  • Do we hear the Hosanna cries of people in today’s world on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ?
  • Will we be dedicated in serving God’s needy children with diligence and joyfulness as inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit as mission workers of Hosanna Industries?