About Us

Hosanna Industries was founded in 1990 as a faith-rooted, non-profit mission whose work involves a variety of charitable initiatives aimed at helping our impoverished neighbors.  By the grace of God and through the mechanical and aesthetic arts, mission workers at Hosanna Industries builds and repairs homes for needy households; mobilize relief workers to areas of disaster; teach and lead workshops in art and spirituality; train young people in construction skills; and lead volunteers of all ages. Hosanna relies on donations to help hundreds of needy neighbors per year.


Hosanna Industries green truck

Mission Statement

Programs and Activities

  • Home construction, repair and rehabilitation for low-income families  living in deteriorating housing
  • Vocational training for unskilled workers, particularly in construction  trades
  • Assistance in the development and start-up of small businesses by    entrepreneurs who lack of resources and expertise in the field
  • Creation of job opportunities
  • Mobilization of relief workers to areas of disaster and poverty
  • Providing programs and classes intended to inspire the growth and  development of abilities in the creative arts, sensitivities toward nature,  environment, and harmonies of spiritual thought and practice for  persons addressing these needs

If you are in need of home repairs, a new home, or want to be part of our programs, please contact Hosanna Industries to see how we can help.