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5 Common Misconceptions about Hosanna Industries

20 May

5 Common Misconceptions about Hosanna Industries
1.Our name is Hosanna Ministries
Hosanna Industries is our name, and Hosanna Ministries is actually a different ministry organization that doesn’t have much in common with us. Hosanna means “rescue me now, Lord,” and the second half is Industries because we believe in the value of hard work. We are a ministry, it’s just not a part of our name. Read the story of our founding here.
2. We are “just like Habitat” or in fact a part of Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is another nonprofit charity that also provides some charitable construction. That describes how we are similar, but there are many ways that we are different. Habitat is an international organization, with different affiliates all over the country and the world. We are the only Hosanna Industries. Many of our clients would not qualify to be Habitat clients, as they don’t have the means to provide the sweat equity or to pay for the materials. We don’t have our own lending department, and we don’t have age limits for volunteers. Basically, although Habitat is a very well-known and reputable charity, we’re not them.
3. That we only work in the spring and summer
Although the “busiest volunteer season” for us is in the warmer months, we work all year round in all types of weather. Normally we use the colder months to complete interior jobs or jobs that may not require volunteer labor. You’re welcome to come work with us anytime of the year, not just summer!
4. That we only help with poverty in the city
Poverty is not just in the city, but also in the rural areas. Many times poverty in rural areas is not as evident, and does not get much attention from funders. We help our needy neighbors, whether that is in Hazelwood or Chicora or Cranberry Twp. There is need everywhere, and God’s work is everyone’s business.
5. Our mission workers are volunteers
Our mission workers are paid staff. Many of us felt the call to serve The Lord through Hosanna after or during a time when we volunteered. There are nine of us and we all wear many hats. We don’t get paid the market rate for contractors, directors, bookkeepers, fundraisers, etc., but that allows the donated dollars to stretch further and help more needy households. We work with hundreds to thousands of volunteers every year, and we always keep in mind that some day they may be working alongside us as staff.

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