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When every family lives in dignity, every roof is tight, and every furnace burns safely; when no one goes to sleep cold or hungry or scared; when every child has a yard and a kitchen and a bed- then we’ll put down our hammers and demonstrate our faith in some other way. Until then, the green trucks are heading down the road to the next project.

Get Help

If you are in need of home repairs or a new home or know someone with these needs, there are a few things you’ll need to know prior to getting on our schedule. LEARN MORE »



Hosanna Industries is able to help so many needy people because people like you care about giving a little bit of time to help a household whose home is in disrepair. LEARN MORE »

Learn Something

By the grace of God and through the mechanical and aesthetic arts, Hosanna Industries teaches and leads classes and workshops in art, nature and spirituality; and trains people in construction skills.   LEARN MORE »

Events & Fundraisers

Join us for a special event or fundraiser. We host a large variety of events, with the goal of raising funds and making new friends for the mission. LEARN MORE »


Charitable Construction

Qualifying low and very low-income families often find they need Hosanna’s services to keep their homes habitable and to maintain residency. LEARN MORE »


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See how we’re making a difference in our community by reading the latest and greatest news and stories from the crew at Hosanna Industries! LEARN MORE »

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Hosanna Industries’
Disaster Relief Efforts

Hosanna travels to areas of disaster to help with the mobilizing of large groups of volunteers to build and repair homes damaged by tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, or other catastrophic events to bring hope and restoration to hurting individuals and communities. Hosanna Industries recently helped  to relieve the horrible suffering that resulted from Hurricane Harvey in August, 2017, by comprehensively repairing 2 homes in early 2018. 

Interested in learning something new?

Join us at an upcoming class, or send us an email to tell us what you’d like to learn.

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