Trade Skill Learning Center

Training Workshops & Classes

Hosanna Industries, Inc. has recognized the need for vocational training, and is excited to meet the needs of people in the community by providing them with a practical learning experience.  The Terrell Trade Skill Learning Center is located on Hosanna’s campus in New Sewickley Township.  Because our mission workers are continually training unskilled volunteers to do meaningful work, our staff has much experience in trade skill training.  We offer a variety of training opportunities, including but not limited to:

Love Your Home

  • Next workshop is Thursday, March 23, 6PM
  • This training, taught by Hosanna mission workers, is for those who want to learn more about basic home maintenance. Training topics include but are not limited to drywall repair, flooring installation, minor electrical, plumbing basics, painting, etc. This is an ideal training for those who have home repair projects in mind.

Mission Trip training

  • Hosanna mission workers train church mission groups so that they can be familiar with tools and materials, and in turn get more accomplished on their church mission trip to areas of disaster or poverty.  These trainings are created specifically for your group, depending on the specific mission trip that you have planned.

Trade Skill Training

  • Hosanna is currently working with two different organizations to provide instruction to their high school students.
  • The goal of this program is to provide a hands-on experience where students can get an introduction to various home repairs and a beginning knowledge of more advanced construction trades that may spark an interest in a potential career in building.
  • At the end of the semester, the students will ideally be able to perform some basic home repairs independently and they will have a better understanding of various jobs within the field of construction/ building.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about these training programs, or if you’d like to set up a training for your group.

“I’m really happy that you guys came to show us how to make stuff. My mom wants me to make her stuff when I get out of placement. I thank you guys for putting a smile back on my face again and thank you for talking to me at the end of the work we did. It really made me think about what i can do in my life. Maybe I might work for you. Ok? Thanks again.”

-student from our training program