Mission Worker Apprenticeship Program

The Hosanna Industries Mission Worker Apprenticeship Program is a unique, specialized, and intensive set of courses designed to establish, grow, and promote the potential Mission Worker in you! This program is for the person who feels truly led by God, devoted to His work, and interested in building His Kingdom.


Program Description

Through the H.I. Mission Worker Apprenticeship Program we strive to work together with you to discover, attain, and maintain the skills (technical, relational, intellectual, and ministerial) necessary to advance you into the world of ministry. Once the program is completed your future Mission Work might take place at Hosanna, if the Lord leads us and you in that direction. You may be elsewhere building the Kingdom of God, but once graduated you will have a better knowledge and further ability to get great things done!

Hosanna Industries’ Mission Worker Apprentice Program is a three year program with four 12-week semesters each year. The learning expectation is substantial and aggressive because there is so very much we have to impart that is necessary to be in the heart, mind and soul of a competent, professional mission worker.

The program is designed as follows: two trade disciplines, one ministry discipline, and one component of field exposure per term.

The apprenticeship program is intentionally challenging and inspiring as it is designed to be an introduction to the work climate of a person who chooses to serve in the mission field. It is an inspiration to see students rise to this challenge so that they can one day serve others in the name of the Lord!

Three Year Program

Term 1: Tools, Techniques, Hardware, framing, Old Testament History

Term 2: Masonry, HVAC, New Testament History

Term 3: Electrical, Plumbing, Biblical Theology

Term 4: External Surfaces, Internal Surfaces, Christology

Term 1: Painting, Flooring, Ethics

Term 2: Design/Drawing, Planning/Budgeting, Ecclesiology

Term 3: Site Management, Human Resources, Pastoral Development

Term 4: Equipment operation, Loose materials, Surveying, Proclaiming

Term 1: Interior trim, Exterior trim, Personal organization

Term 2: Repair/Rehab, Business principles, Visioning

Term 3: Problem solving, Imagination/Innovation,, Leadership

Term 4: Building as a Profession, Philosophy of Progress/Termination Logistics, Quality analysis

Three Part Program

Students will be trained in all of the trade skills Hosanna Industries encounters, the most current and effective methods of project execution, as well as up-to-date tool, equipment, and material nomenclature, operation, maintenance, and safety. If a student feels expert in any particular area of the training program they are encouraged to test out, under the supervision of a Senior Staff Member. If the student passes this evaluation they will accelerate to the next area of training.

An important part of the apprenticeship program, field exposure will offer students the unique opportunity to practice the skills being learned. With multiple exposures and experiences in each aspect of the trade skills, the apprentice will develop both professionalism and proficiency. This work-study will provide invaluable experience that simply cannot be obtained in the sterile environment of a classroom and must be experienced over a period of time, on multiple occasions, and in a variety of environments. While practicing in the field, students will also experience the blessing of helping households in need. They will begin sharing their time and talent with people crying out, “Hosanna” from the beginning of their apprenticeship experience.

Student apprentices will learn what it is to be a mission worker, serving the living Lord Jesus Christ in full-time ministry. Mission workers are not construction workers or contractors. They are builders. They have the honor, privilege and deep responsibility to build Christ’s Kingdom, by thinking theologically, prayerfully considering the call of Christ in their life, leading others to be His hands and feet, and showing in every way possible the Light of Christ. Mission worker apprentices will develop the arts of loving leadership, wisdom, and discernment. They will develop the skills of public speaking, personal presentation, relationship building, outlining, planning, fundraising, story-telling and organization. They will learn how to manage a calendar and grow a program.

High School diploma or GED or absolute commitment to attain GED during the student’s first term of the Hosanna Industries’ Mission Worker Apprenticeship Program.

Mission work can be physically and spiritually strenuous. This program is intentionally designed to prepare students for all the rigors of mission work.

All students must have Child Protection Clearances, as the students will often work with and lead children ages 16 and younger as a part of the training program. Clearances are a requirement of the state of Pennsylvania.

As a diligent student will learn business skills necessary to lead a non-profit organization, will become competent in the various trades and will receive significant theological training, we have determined that the educational value of Hosanna Industries’ Mission Worker Apprenticeship Program is $50,000.

Housing will be provided at no cost to the student as well.

Additionally, each student will be gratuitously provided with a stipend of $800 per month to help meet any additional living expenses.

Altogether, the student will receive a monetary value of $100,000 during their three year apprenticeship. ($21,200 housing + $28,800 stipend + $50,000 educational value)

Repayment for this educational experience will not be required if the following conditions are met.

Work study over the three year period will average 20 hours per week per term of work study.The estimated value of the student’s labor during this time is $25,000.This brings the cost of a student’s education from $100,000 to $75,000.

The goal of Hosanna Industries’ Mission Worker Apprentice Program is to produce competent, professional Christian mission workers. To the extent that a student accepts this path after graduation, the remaining cost of his or her education will be forgiven.

The value provided by a mission worker above and beyond his or her salary is estimated to be $25,000 per year for new mission workers. This is because of the disparity in compensation between mission workers and other professionals with similar training. Following successful completion of and graduation from the apprenticeship program, if a student enters Hosanna Industries’ mission work or other Kingdom work and serves for three years or more, the rest of their educational debt will be forgiven.

(That’s right, if you work for three years in actual service in God’s Kingdom work, you will have NO STUDENT DEBT!)

If a student chooses to leave the mission field prior to completing three years of service to Christ’s Kingdom, the value of his or her service will be pro-rated and remaining payment will be required.

Students will encounter some expenses related to their education at Hosanna Industries. Certain books and tools will be required but are expected to provide continued value to the student long after he or she has become a mission worker in God’s Kingdom.

Commissioning Vows

Mission workers at Hosanna Industries are commissioned. Apprentices will be growing and learning until one day they will be ready to proclaim with confidence:

Do you believe in one God, Creator of all things good in heaven and on earth, do you?

Do you trust in Jesus Christ, God’s personified expression of love and redemption for this world, do you?

Do you accept the hurt and pain of this world as demonstrations of human suffering, and do you believe that God wills for not one of His children to suffer, do you?

Do you hear the hosanna cries for help in today’s world, do you? I DO.

Are you committed to responding to those cries, by God’s grace, in the power of the Holy Spirit, are you?

Will you dedicate yourself in every way; in mind, body, soul and spirit, toward the building of God’s kingdom by way of healing human hurts and vanquishing human suffering as a mission worker of Hosanna Industries, will you?

Will you serve God’s needy children gladly; praising Him with heart, life and voice; will you work on Christ’s behalf enthusiastically, skillfully, diligently and sacrificially, ever remembering that He is with you always, even to the close of the age, will you?


“Whenever – wherever we hear as Christians the Hosanna cries of God’s needy children, our faith demands that we do something, representing a powerful Savior instead of an impotent theological idea. We cannot anymore bear the shamefulness of poverty that is unaddressed, nor can we bear mission mediocrity… establishing Hosanna Industries is proclaiming loud and clear that ultimately some day the love of God in Christ will heal all the world’s ills.”

-Rev. Dr. Donn Ed, Founder and Executive Director of Hosanna Industries