Hosanna Industries’ Festival of Trees Theme Submission

Make sure to review the guidelines for decorators, and submit this form BEFORE you start working on your tree.

Guidelines for tree decorators:

  1. Only one tree per organization or individual, please.
  2. Trees should be less than 5’ tall or slim.
  3. Decorations should be creative & unique!  We want to present special trees that can’t be found elsewhere.
  4. Ornaments & decorations should be secured to the tree for easy transport.
  5. Battery powered lights are strongly encouraged but not necessary.
  6. Themes need to be approved by Hosanna Industries ahead of time. Submit your theme & tree description via online form before November 1st.
  7. Trees are to be delivered to Quality Gardens between 12-5PM on Monday, November 14th.
  8. Keep track of the value. This will help us to determine the price of the starting bid & will help you to deduct your donation at tax time.