About Us

Hosanna Industries, Inc. is a faith-rooted, 501 (c)3 non-profit organization in southwestern Pennsylvania. The mission includes new construction and repair/rehabilitation services for low income homeowners; leading volunteers in disaster recovery; and training young people in the trade skills to give them a hope for the future. Our typical client household last year had an annual income of less than twenty thousand dollars. Since our founding in 1990 Hosanna Industries has provided over fifty million dollars worth of charitable work to the community for around fifteen million dollars. Hosanna Industries depends on the generosity of others to complete our work.

Hosanna Industries green truck

Program activities are or will be as follows:

  • Home construction, repair and rehabilitation for low-income persons living in deteriorating housing.
  • Vocational training for unskilled workers, particularly in construction trades.
  • Assistance in the development and start-up of small businesses by persons who lack the economic ability and expertise to do so without assistance.
  • Creation of job opportunities for unemployed persons.
  • Mobilization of relief workers to areas of disaster and poverty.

When every family lives in dignity, every roof is tight, and every furnace burns safely; when no one goes to sleep cold or hungry or scared; when every child has a yard and a kitchen and a bed- then we’ll put down our hammers and demonstrate our faith in some other way. Until then, the green trucks are heading down the road to the next project.